There are differing opinions on the descendants of Lt. Col. Bridges Freeman that have been  
passed down and continue to thrive.  Perhaps DNA testing will answer the question once and  
for all.  We know that, during his lifetime, Lt. Col. Freeman accumulated considerable amounts  
of land, the majority of which was along the Chickahominy River in both James City and Charles  
City Counties. We also know that Bridges Freeman was married to a lady by the name of Bridgett.   
We can be fairly confident  in stating that Bridgett was not the daughter of Bridge's friend and  
neighbor, Francis Fowler. First of all, the early colonist, Francis Fowler was born about 1601-1602  
and would have been too young to be the father of a daughter of marriageable age in 1635.   
Additionally, in the 150 acres of land granted to Bridges Freeman by West on Dec 1st 1635 it  
specifically stated "50 acres for the personal adventure of his wife Bridget Freeman."  In usage,  
the term "personal adventure" designates those persons who paid their own way to come to the  
colony or performed other services such as exploration etc. were entitled to a grant of land. With  
the close relationship between the Fowlers and Bridges (i.e. land bequeathed to Bridges upon the  
death of Mrs. Frances (Antonia) Fowler) it may well be that Bridget was, in some way related to  
Frances or Antonia as a sister, niece or cousin.  I have seen pedigree where Frances had a sister  
named Bridget...but have not seen documentation to support that information.  Another possibility  
that has been brought up is that Bridges may have married the widow Bridget Lowther who leased  
land next to a parcel owned by Bridges Freeman in 1632.  She also, may be a candidate if   
1) she was of an age where she could have born children and 2) if she was eligible for head rights  
and they were not issued when she first arrived.  We do not know her maiden she may  
have been related to Mr. or Mrs. Fowler.  Thomas J. Reed has done extensive research on  
the early Virginia Freeman families and he had found a record for the arrival of an 18-year-old 
lady named Bridget Prowes who arrived shortly after Bridges brought in his brother Bennett....
another possibility if she was entitled to head rights.   
As no will has been found for Bridges some assumptions must be made.  In my opinion, it would be 
reasonable that one or more of his children would have inherited some of his vast holdings of land. 
Another man named Bridges Freeman was a justice in James City County in 1680.  It may be that 
he was a son of Lt. Col. Bridges Freeman.  Other men with the Freeman surname acquired land in 
James City County possibly through inheritance, grant or purchase after the death of the good Col. 
were  Phillip (1661 & 1673/4), Charles (1663), George, (owned 197 acres by 1704) and George, 
Jr. (1713).  Another entry in 1685 eludes to a Freeman "in the Piney Woods, from Chickahominy 
Gate along Mr. Freeman's land."  Unfortunately we do not know his first name.  Possible names for 
sons of Bridges Freeman have been put forth...but we have no evidence to verify this information.   
Several references to men carrying the Freeman surname surface in Elizabeth City/York and 
later Gloucester.  Christopher Stokes received 300 acres in head rights in Elizabeth City 
County on July 28, 1635 for importing 6 persons, including a man identified as Mill: Freeman. 
Could Mill possibly have been an abbreviation for miller...a trade that was followed by many 
Freeman's who were originally traced to this area of Virginia? 

In another transaction in March 1636,  John Place imported Richard Freeman.  Mr. Place 
received lands in Elizabeth City County.  Elizabeth City County is now merged with the city of 
Hampton.  We also find the name of  Henry Freeman  introduced in York County in 1653 as 
overseer and witness to the will of Thomas Ray.  In a will dated 22 November 1655 we find 
Robert Freeman - married to the Anne the daughter of  Christopher Robin and  mentioned in 
the will of John Robin, late of Gloucester County VA who had considerable holding in Elizabeth 
City County.  The name of Robert Freeman appears again in the Quit Rent Rolls with 135 acres 
of  land in Ware Parish, Gloucester County.  Several unique naming patterns emerge from the 
Freeman families found in this area...especially with the names of Henry & Hamlin Stokes.     

In our DNA project we currently have two family lines who claim descent from Lt. Col. 
Bridges Freeman. What we have been able to determine with out a doubt is that these two 
lines are not related to each other.  Based on current available information and documentary 
evidence of George & George Freeman, Jr. found in James City County in the 1700's I would 
offer an opinion of the likelihood that the three gentleman tying back through  George Freeman 
have an edge on their claim of descent from Bridges Freeman.  There  is no doubt that the 
family who descended from the Elizabeth City/York/Sussex were in the proximate area during 
the same period of time...but with no hint of ties back to James City/Charles City Counties 
where the major holding for Bridges Freeman are found it would seem this evidence is not quite
as compelling.   Our goal  is to find a Freeman male...perhaps in England who has documentary 
evidence that he is descended from Thomas and Frances Bennett Freeman of Bensington.  
What we know for sure is the several Virginia family lines in our project are not related.  

Anyone know where the good Colonel is buried??? We could always exhume him!!